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Meanings of Skyler Kaj Balch

    Skyler from Schuyler is Danish for "protection," "scholar" (, "giving shelter" (, Dutch for "guarded scholar" (,, English for "eternal life, strength, love and beauty ( See Wikipedia: Skyler.

    Kaj (pronounced kye) is Latin for "Rejoice" (ParentsConnect) and Danish for Earth (as in grounded) babynamescountry & See Wikipedia: Skyler.

    Alex and I have some Danish connections. We met in St. Croix which was under the Danish flag for some time. Alex is half Danish by birth and we both enjoyed a bit more than a year stay in Copenhagen not long after we were married.

    Balch can be traced to middle English where it meant variously "the canopy carried over the host in processions," "slightly bold," and "an unfledged bird." I'm told, in modern German, Balch means "brat." See Wikipedia: Balch.

    We hope our slightly bold scholar will stay grounded while he joyfully, plays and learns to fly with all the strange and funny things there are to learn about this space we call home. We pray that he'll be an important part of making many people's days better as well. With luck the brat part will express itself as a free thinker.

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